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tv   News 4 at 6  NBC  July 1, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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prolonged agony for three quarters of a million people spending yet another day without power and tonight, the frustration is boiling over from the highest levels. >> nobody will have their boot further up pepco's backside than i will. >> and good evening, everyone. day two of the recovery and there's still a long way to go. from the downed trees to the lack of power, the destruction from friday night's storms remains evident across the ream. those storms have killed at least 14 people across five states, including five deaths in
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our area. right now, more than 700,000 power customers are still without electricity and some people in fairfax county are being told to boil their water before drinking it. we have team coverage of the long road to recovery tonight. our reporters are watching the progress and the push to clean up the damage. let's start with chuck bell with a look at the possibility of more storms tonight. chuck? >> yes, unfortunately, we will have a chance for more thunderstorms to roll into especially virginia starting late tonight. for now though, just another sizzling hot day. absolute misery if you don't have air-conditioning. current temperature in washington, 98 degrees. still 97 in ma sasses, 95 degrees also in frederick, maryland. doppler radar shows not a lot going on around our media, but you can get a sense there are showers and thunderstorms across
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parts of central and western ohio. these are also running in our direction. severe thunderstorm watches have been posted as late as 11:00 tonight for far western parts of west virginia and there's a chance some of those storms would be arriving in part of central virginia about midnight tonight. we'll talk about that coming up in a few minutes, but your sunday evening planner is a sizzler. temperatures, mid to upper 90s, then around the mid-80s by 11:00. another update and talk more about our storm chances coming up. >> we're already hearing about some closings for tomorrow. the federal government is open, but with unscheduled leave and telework as options. martin o'malley has announced liberal leave is fable vaibl for all essential employees and in montgomery county, all camps and activities are canceled for monday and tuesday and that includes all community events
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scheduled at any montgomery county public school buildings. we've heard from prince gorge's. they are under a code yellow tomorrow. that means all schools and offices are closed and in this sweltering heat, hurricanes of thousands of people in the region still do not have power. pepco reporting tonight more than 335,000 customers out. novec, more than 5,000 people are without power and smeco reports more than 10,000. utility companies say it could take up to a week to restore power to all of their customers and to help restore power to the region. utility crews from across the nation are coming in to help. between today and tomorrow, more than 1,000 out of state power crews are expected to arrive. in the meantime, officials in maryland are pushing back against pepco saying there are
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far too many people still without power. darcy spencer joining us from w the latest on that. >> reporter: we're on edmonston road. this is where you can see a lot of utility companies. there were three trees that fell on to the powerlines. we're told by neighbors that the crews have been out all day long. it affects several hundred people. today, there were strong words from the governor and montgomery county's executive. pepco officials say it's going to take at least seven days to restore power to thousands of people who lost it in friday night's storms. governor martin o'malley toured the emergency operation center today and said he would stay on the utility company to get the job done. >> under the -- would be able to beat those expectations and nobody will have their boot further up pepco's backside than
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i will to make sure. >> reporter: but isaiah legett isn't satisfied with the deadline. >> that is not sufficient for me. i will not accept the timetable of july 6th. we are urging them to use whatever resources that are necessary to bring in whatever support that is necessary to bring that timeline down. >> reporter: powerful storms tore through the region knocking out power to more than 1 million people. pepco says they're bringing in crews from out of state and working around the clock. >> having our citizens to go for seven days without yuletity is not the kind of services we should expect. >> reporter: two days after the storm, many are still without lights and air-conditioning and staying at hotels. >> very, very hot and we have a new baby with us, so we had to check swoo a hotel. >> reporter: others, not so fortunate.
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officials toured a shelter at northwestern -- >> darcy spencer reporting. obviously a technical issue, but let's move on to the boil water advisory we mentioned earlier. it's now been lifted for falls church utility customers, but tyson's corner an vienna still need to boil their water until 10:00 tomorrow night. the storms led to a drop in water pressure, which could let bacteria and other contaminants into the pipes. water restrictions have been lifted for customers in montgomery and prince george's county. the commission says anyone who saw changes in water pressure or color after the storm should flush the water lines in their home for five minutes. all customers are encouraged to conserve weather. and for more than 65,000 pepco customers still waiting for the
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power to come back on, derrick ward is live in northeast d.c. with more on pepco's response. >> reporter: good evening. we're here at the intersection of new hampshire and oneida street. this intersection is typical of what's going on all over the city. a snapped utility pole and uprooted tree and the crushed vehicle. just on the other side of this vehicle, there is a tree trimming truck, but can't do anything until pepco clears those lines. that is frustrating for people and we all remember where we were when the storm hit. the question now, where will you be when the power comes back and pepco believes they have an answer for that. >> 11:00 on friday, july 6th. >> reporter: that's pepco's global estimated time to have power restored to those who remain without it. scenes like this are now common in every quadrant of the city. not so common, crews working ton the overheadlines. the reason for that, tom graham
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says is because the crews have been shoring up other parts of the system. those are easy to find. >> it's a disaster all over. >> reporter: he has been driving a cab drought the storm and aftermath. a windfall in revenue perhaps, but not the kind he'd like. >> i was working during this storm and it was crazy. people were crying and you know, but this is the second night i haven't slept. >> reporter: lifetime d.c. resident billy harris has power back, but there was some minor damage and loss. he says he's only seen it like this once before and considers himself among the fortunate in this neighborhood. during the height, he also lost power in intermittent periods. you were pretty lucky, just lost your garage. >> yeah, and my -- >> reporter: and his lawn mower. this is an assessment. 46 traffic signals are dark in the district. 22 trees are down.
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most in ward 4 and police are directing traffic at 7 d.c. intersections. we're told with the state of emergency declared yesterday, we may start to see national guard krees out if they're not cleared by then and rush hour is essentially hours away. you can imagine what it's like at those intersections you travel every day. it could be an arky if those are dark tomorrow. >> thanks. fairfax county is still working to fix another big problem. problems with its 911 call center. most calls are now getting threw we're told. verizon says it's working around the clock to completely fix the problem. residents are told to call the county's dispatch number if they're having an issue. 703-691-6561. in prince william county, more 911 calls are getting through, but people can still call the
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non emergency number and that is 703-79 703-792-6500. falls church has not set up a number. residents are being asked to go to the nearest fire or police station. going to take a breck, but coming up, a life threatening situation in fairfax county. how news 4 helped get the power back on at a home for the disabled. and a motel 6, $500 a night? the hotel rates popping up during this disaster.
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fairfax county tonight, patience is really wearing thin after these long hours without air-conditioning in dangerous heat. news 4 helped get the power back on for the people who need it most. melissa has the story. >> reporter: here at the agape house in fairfax, it's been a scary, frustrating ride. some like michael boysen are on
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di dialysis. >> it's ridiculous. >> reporter: others have severe asthma. many have no cars. they say it's been pitch-black in the halls. no one has even come by to see if they have a flashlight. >> everyone went out and got solar lights out so we could see inside. >> reporter: with power, no help and unanswered called to the corporation who runs the home -- >> that's why i called you all. we have to bring attention that this is inhumane. >> reporter: news 4 calls dominion power. within hours, the lights were back on. even our fviewers showed up wit food and water. this was the culprit. a large tree. >> everywhere we go, just mother nature, we can't help it, so we got to get it done. >> reporter: it's been a long few days here along fairfax
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boulevard. many of the stores still dark. many have brought in generator power trying to keep the lights on nd the stores and keep their customers cool. at this taco bell, they rented a refrigerated truck and at this mobile home park, families watched crews work. in some homes, t hotter inside than out. >> we have to stay inside because it's really hot. >> reporter: brenda just checked her mail and is perfectly prepped. >> it also charged cell phones. >> and we left multiple messages and e-mails for wesley housing development corporatiocorporati far, we haven't heard back. up next, continuing coverage of the long clean up and a live look at the radar. chuck's going to be back to talk chuck's going to be back to talk about
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our area wasn't the only place hit hard by the storms friday night. thousands of people in west virginia are also in the dark. >> reporter: residents across the mid-atlantic are cleaning up. following a fierce storm system that tore across the region and left behind a large path of
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destruction across several states. >> this particular storm, almost twice as many as hurricane irene last summer. >> reporter: emergencies were declared in maryland, ohio, virginia and west virginia. as well as in the district of columbia. >> it's a disaster all over. >> reporter: power crews in many areas are working around the clock to restore service to more than 2 million people. >> there's no air and it's really hot today, so the power i think is the main thing that everyone's really suffering from. >> reporter: with temperatures soaring past the 100-degree mark in many plays, dozens of communities have opened cooling stations. >> it's here for the people who don't have electricity. they can come here, cool off. especially people with young children, elderly, people are respiratory problems. >> reporter: forecasts say the temperatures should dip into the 90s in the coming days, but it may be several days before power
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is up and running. >> if you are going on night three without power and looking to book a hotel, well, it's best to shop around. there are some crazy rates all over the internet. today, we still found places like the motel 6 in northwest going for yes, $500 a night. the days inn in college park was going for $600 a night. we called those hotels to check on the prices. they say they don't have control over the prices listed on websites. and we have this just in. hov restrictions lifted on eastbound i-66 inside the beltway tomorrow. hopefully to ease om some of the problems in the morning with the commute. >> lucky break for us. highs on wednesday and a lot of people took the whole weak off. >> it's a little quieter. going to be a tough road. a lot of places are still going
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to be in the dark as we head into tomorrow morning. hundreds of thousands of people will be in the dark ft that's bad news for traffic signals and a lot of air-conditioning folks. another sizzler today. a record smashing 104 on friday. down to 97 yesterday. and now, 99 degrees or high temperature here on a sunday. it's still 98 at 6:00. that northwesterly breeze, 13 miles per hour, helping a little bit, but at 98 degrees, it isn't helping much. 91 in leesberg, 96 in southern maryland and 91 in western maryland. cloudy and humid in the morning. mid-70s to start. mid-90s again tomorrow. and only a slight chance of some thunderstorms late tomorrow afternoon and evening. nothing showing up on radar just yet. nearest storms to us are in parts of central ohio. severe thunderstorm watches up
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across western west virginia. that goes until 11:00 tonight and the pace these storms are moving are aiming down towards richmond area. they're about six and a half hours away. that puts them into virginia, midnight and then down into central virginia, so they bare watching the next couple of hours and should get quooirt tomorrow morning. tomorrow, just more heat, haze and hupdty. if it's your week at the beach, it will be a good one. high temperatures, mid to upper 80s. for us, tomorrow, mostly sunny. only a slight chance of a shower tomorrow. same on tuesday. just barely a chance at all. your extended forecast, there's tomorrow. sizzling hot again. there's your seven-day forecast. temperatures, mid-90s again tomorrow. slight chance of some showers on wednesday, which is the 4th of july, but expect 92 or better every day for the next seven to ten days.
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>> we've been watching closing stores r tomorrow. d.c. government open tomorrow, but d.c. schools will be closed for summer school activity. coming up in sports, ryan
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start with the nats. >> all-stars were announced and three nationals are headed to the game in kansas city. bryce harper, he still has a shot at the the final roster spot. he's one of five finalists on's fan vote, so you have until july 5th to vote for him. he think he's alone, but apparently, he's not. he's got a little friend there. top of the first, two on for ryan zimmerman and he doubles to center field. he's been red hot lately. steve scores and bryce harper booking it home from second. nats up 2-0 early. part of the four-run first inning for washington. fifth inning, zimmerman continues to rake and that one
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is a goner. nats up 5-1. zimmerman with a four rbi day. nationals take the series win over the braves. let's go to baltimore. orioles hosting the indians. he gives up a second homer of the day. that one to aaron cunningham. he was optioned to the minor leagues after the game. bottom of the sixth, adam jones drives one deep to the gap in right center. 5-2, indians and the tribe win 6-2. so soccer and the euro cup championship, spain taking on italy. just 13 minutes in, spain in red with a nice through pass up ahead and the cross back. david solo there with the header. spaniards everywhere rejoicing. spain would keep the early momentum in this one.
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just 27 minutes later, hernandez, he scores. spain goes on to win 4-0. their second consecutive euro cup championship. spain's third straight major soccer title. quick update. at&t national wrapping up over at congressional country club. tiger woods has a one stroke lead, so he could win his own tournament. >> and there are some fans there today. nightly news is up next and we'll be back at 11:00. until then, have a good night, everybody.
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